The Estelle – Review Number 2…

As promised, we popped back with some friends on Saturday evening for some pre-party sustenance.

Perching ourselves at the bar, we were welcomed with the familiar and excellent quality chickpea fries and sardine skeleton crackers as an amuse-bouche.

We played it safe and ordered a charcuterie board per couple as we were unsure as to whether we would be fed at the party we were headed to. Expecting the same fare as last time, there were some unexpected new kids on the block in the form of house made duck prosciutto; even better than the pig variety, and a wagyu bresola… which wasn’t ‘new’, as it was on the menu last week, but it was from a different supplier or something like that. Nonetheless, it was far superior and the delicately thin slices of beef melted on the tongue.

The four of us were also lucky enough to try chef Ryan Flaherty’s new dessert offering. The simply listed description of “pumpkin, sour cream, caramel” didn’t conjure up anything as complex and tasty as we received. Shards of olive oil cake and sour cream ice cream were sprinkled with a salted pumpkin seed and chinese five-spice dust, small blobs of a slightly salted caramel gel added some balanced sweetness to the not overly sweet dish. It received a raucous round of compliments from our seats at the bar, back into the small kitchen to Ryan.

And with a glass or two of vino under our belts to compliment our ‘supper’, we made our way out into the cold wintry Melbourne night, reinvigorated and content.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

I also think that the duck prosciutto has provided me with the inspiration to have a crack at making my own charcuterie. I’ve undertaken a bit of study today to learn I only need some duck (duh), salt, cheesecloth and a wine fridge. MacGyver has nothing on me.

Stay tuned.

The Estelle
243 High St Northcote, VIC 3070
(03) 9489 4609
Good for: four friends wanting a quick bite to eat before getting shitfaced and not having to get up on Sunday morning to tend to the children
Not good for: K, drinking too much champagne afterwards and having to get up early on Sunday morning to tend to the children

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